Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vampire Weekend

This is a new band that I've been digging, compliments of Scotty Mo.

When ever I see cool creative video's I kick myself for not thinking of it first... but I guess I probably wouldn't do anything about it if I did have a great creative idea... still it'd be nice to be able to say "oh yeah the Six Sense, I had an idea to make that exact same movie 3 years ago. Oh you liked the Matrix? I should show you my 7th grade journal where I outlined the plot for all 3 films, I totally thought of that idea first, the matrix has you dude... You think Parappa the Rappa is a creative video game? Dude I wanted to make that exact same game back in '84 but the world wasn't ready for it yet..." That would feel pretty dang good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dave in Dwarf = Fat nerd

So me and Jessica have had a long standing competition between us as to who is the most nerdy. I think this puts me over the top. I translated my name into three different Tolkien Languages, the first is the old English runes he uses in the Hobbit, the second is Cirth Angerthas Moria dwarf runes, and the third one is Elvish Tengwar Runes like those used by Gandalf at the end of the Third Age. The letters often changed their meaning, so these are not quite identical with the much older ones from the One Ring.

Here's the site that some super nerds built to make all us lesser nerds jealous.

ps. notice the web site... http://www.derhobbit/.... Der is Der bomb...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK = Snow day in Jackson

Ok so it wasn't actually on MLK day, but Saturday me and Jessica, her brother Joe, and my long lost friend Eric Forsyth (I lost him to graduation and a wife... my loss, his gain) went snowboarding down Teton Pass. For those that don't know, Teton pass is the mountain pass that connects the Idaho and Wyoming sides of the Tetons. There are 2 (actually thousands) of different trails you can take; Trail 1) is a really steep 45 min hike up a mountain then an amazing 10-15 ride down. Trail 2) is a shorter easier 15 min hike with a longer 30 min ride down (then you have to hitch hike back up to the top).
Anyways we did the steep hike and ride first.... it was amazing how amazing the powered was. Then we did Trail 2 which was fun but then I thought Eric was hurt and stuck and dying.... the truth was he was way ahead of me and was yelling " HELLO? Dave I'm NOT STUCK!" but all I heard was "HELP!! DAVE I"M STUCK!". So after not being able to find him I snowboarded down to the bottom where he was waiting for me. After that we grubbed on some amazing Bubba's BBQ in Jackson and I almost bought the DUKE ( and drove home. It was awesome, and all day long I was just reminded by how few girls would have done what we did, and how awesome Jessica is.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Video DerBlog went better than planned, so to keep you hungry readers happy, why don't you bite into this delicious new video.... I don't care if it is artistic, I could watch this crap all day (actually only for 2 minuets and 9 seconds, but it's still pretty awesome )

Video DerBLog Experiment

I'm experimenting with adding video to DerBlog to make it even more mouth watering and amazing than it already is... hard to imagine I know (while on the subject, my British Christian Authors teacher taught today, that imagination is the gift God gave us to make up for 'the vale of forgetfulness' ... funny I think it was Jesus that said it was the Holy Ghost...)

Never-the-less! here is my current favorite Youtube video (Props to Dustin for sharing this with me)... if it doesn't work, just copy and paste the HTML code into your Myspace profile and then you can enjoy Indian Thriller as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things I've learned

Yippie this is my first blog... this is gonna be freakin' awesome...

So I was supposed to be taking chinese class this semester for 4 credits, that met 4 days a week at 7:45 in the AM (the freezing cold Idaho AM), but mercifully the head of the Hummanities Department said that I could sub Chinese for another Hummanities class and still graduate.. so I ended up in Hummanities of Film! I think that calls for another Yippie! (I really don't use Yippie that often... only when no other english words will do). Anyways here is something I learned today:

Steven Spielburg watches 3 movies before he makes any movie: 1) the Searchers... and then # 2 and #3 I can't remember...... and I dont wanna look them up. But I thought that was kind of cool.