Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home Made Day

Feeling very home-makery today. I made some holiday blocks and chicken noodle soup. I distinctly remember telling Dave about four years ago when we were engaged as we sat down to homemade chicken noodle soup with some newly married friends that I would never make noodles from scratch. It turns out that they're ridiculously easy so I did do it after all.

Starting to feel ready for Christmas music...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I was so sad to take down all my Halloween decorations today (but at least now I get to start thinking about Christmas :)! We had a great Halloween. Our trunk-or-treat got cancelled due to bad weather but we had a little impromptu Halloween party at our place with some friends and had a great time.
Dave was some hispanic nationality guitar player, and had a sweet stache. Actually every guy who came to our halloween party ended up wearing one of the many sweet staches from Dave's kit. Penny and I were flamenco dancers. She could never quite say what she was but loved dancing to Dave's spanish guitar music and saying "ole!"

We had a blast riding the train in to Beacon Hill on Halloween night with some great friends and their adorable kiddos. Wish I had more pics of them but all I had was my i phone. I was the only adult in the group foolish, or awesome, enough to dress up. That always seems to be me...
Every time we saw any little girl dressed as a princess Penny would bolt over to her, quietly mumble about princesses while everyone tried to discern what she was saying, and awkwardly touch their dresses. It was adorable. She went in for the hug on this one.

Penny is an interesting trick or treater. She runs as fast as she can from door to door, but then takes about 5 minutes choosing the best piece of candy and inspecting the decorations. This is her choosing a piece carefully, its a horrible quality dark i phone pic, but you get the idea.
It was another great Beacon Hill Halloween and we were so grateful the weather cooperated for us!