Thursday, July 10, 2008

Swimming in the snow...

So I'm kind of on a posting videos kick right now... this one is from Jessica and I's open house at my place in Clayton. Carson my nephew was obsessed with Jessica and her dress. While she was in the bath room getting ready he came in and asked "what are you doing?", "I'm getting ready" jessica answered. "that makes me really happy!" It was cute. he cried a lot when she took it off. Anyway, Carson had a lot of fun swimming in Jessica's snowy dress.

Attack of the The Inflatable Cat

So last semester I took 3-Dimensional art so I'd have enough credits to get my Pell grant... Anyways, for one of the projects we had to make an inflatable sculpture, so I made a giant cat in honor of the Nieman family cat, Midnight, that died when I was 6. So after I got a grade for it, we took it to Logan for Kaity, Christian, Alec, Sadie, and Lindi to play with. It was a good time. Once we were tired of it, we taped up the door in the back, so no air could come out and blew it up until it was bursting at the seams (probably twice as tall as it is in the video), then Jessica body slammed it and it popped. Jessica 1, inflatable cat 0. RIP.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jessica Picking Bugs!

Dave and Robin (who just had a new baby!) made us this great little video from our wedding day. Be sure you check out their blog HERE to see their cute little kid Coby!