Sunday, May 22, 2011

She's Two!!

Penny's little family party was last Sunday, and I figure I better get the pictures up before this event gets overshadowed by DAVE'S GRADUATION!! Which was today.

She is just a little sponge lately and I am to the point where I need to be careful what I say around her. Like when I'm driving and I miss a turn and say "oh, crap" and hear "oh cap!" echoing from the back seat. Appropriately for a two year old, she always wants two of everything--

"Two caggies (crackers) peees"

"I wan two be-yoons (ballons)"

"Pees? Fuvies (strawberries)? Two? Pees?"

It is precious (as long as I have two of everything...)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Camera!

Mostly this post is just to test out the picture quality of our new camera! We sadly had to replace our Olympus Stylus, our old waterproof/freeze proof/shock proof camera cause after three years all the pictures just started looking blurry (apparently it wasn't that waterproof). Although we did love the Stylus we decided the Fujifilm XP this time around and so far I really do love it. There does seem to be a little noise in the pictures, but I look better slightly blurred so I'm cool with that.