Friday, June 20, 2008

Der Nieman's new Slogan!

Ever though to yourself, "man my life is pretty good, but I wish I had a little zinger of a line that I could attach to my name... then life would be better." Well think no more. can make all your dreams come true. It's already made my life way better. So far I've got 3 slogans (1- Think. Feel. Dave. 2-Dave, to Hell with the rest, and 3- hhhhhmmmm.... Dave). So I'm about to push the sloganizer button one more time, to choose the official DerBlog slogan! And the winner is........... "Let Your DerBlog Flow!"

For more awesome stuff guaranteed to make your life better, and some info on time travel visit the other blog I contribute to, Thinkercize!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Help Me Help You...

So since has a 120 day window for you to complete the process to get a Free Wii, I realized that I need to get cracking. So if anyone wants to participate, here is my referral link:

It asks you to put in some info about you (no credit card info), I made a separate gmail account for freepay, but so far I've only gotten one email from them (no spam...yet). Then after you make your account with freepay, the next step is to complete an offer! I recommend Blockbuster online, Video Professor, or one of the ring tone sites. If you don't want what ever service you sign up for just remember to quit it! If you have questions, email me. If you're only doing this to help me, thank you. If you want to get a free something yourself, awesome! let me know and maybe I can help you.

This one's for you D-Smooth

A year or two ago, my brother in law Dustin (D-Smooth) showed me this video that he really liked, and I didn't laugh out loud at it as much as is curtious to do in such situations, so he concluded that either I thought it was dumb, or that my sense of humor wasn't as refined as his. But D. I want you to know that since that day a week doesn't go by that I don't get this song stuck in my head (it's usually acomponied by a silent little head bob dance and a chuckle). So thank you Dustin. You are the man.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Did you say Free Ninety Nine?

I am incredibly cheap... most of the time, and a total sucker for anything free. I'm not really sure which one of my parents to blame (or thanks) for this blessing / curse. Anyways 3+ years ago me and Devan Perona (who loves free stuff possibly even more than me (but less than John Hendricks)) got pumped about getting free ipods from After much research, and hassling many friends and family members to sign up for some free offers, Devan and I both got free ipods! So it worked!

Anyways being married has driven me to my former depths of cheapness, as well as my former love of video games, and I'm signing up with the same company for a free Nintendo Wii. So this is a warning / invitation to a lucky 6 of you that might want to help me in this quest of supreme manliness (being cheap and video games all in one). I'll make it worth your while.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sawyer called me Math Boy.

So me and Jessica have been really getting into Lost lately, and are right now finishing up season 3. Anyways, if you're anything like me, you loose sleep over what clever nick name Sawyer might call you... well count sheep no more. Click HERE to check out Sawyers nick name generator!

Customers win when online companies make mistakes

This was an interesting article that made me want to do nothing but cruise for mistakes all day. Check out the air fairs people have been able to get: $39 round-trip from Seattle to Lebanon, $51 round-trip from Los Angeles to Fiji, San Jose, Calif., to Paris for $27.98, $0 Air Pacific flight from Los Angeles to Fiji.

and HERE is the article.