Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I dedicate this blog entry to the movie Jumper. I want to come out publicly and proclaim my shameless love for the movie. It seems that most people feel encumbered by the need to renounce the movie simply because of it's ridiculous teleportation story, hackneyed dialogue, and horrible acting. While these things may be true, Jumper is a great story of historical human interest, coupled with a moving score and an amazingly accurate portrayal of how Hayden Christensen ruins ever movie he touches.
This being said, if you haven't seen it maybe it's time to go to the movies and give Jumper a shot. Here's to you, Doug Liman, I salute you.

Monday, March 24, 2008

YouTube March Madnes #1

I'm not really to into College Basketball, so I thought I'd make my own little version of March Madness... but for this to work I'm going ot need lots of participation from all you avid reader out there, so that means if you're reading this you have to vote... So the idea is this: each day 2 videos will square off and which ever video is the most awesome and gets the most votes wins that bracket and advances. We'll see how well this actually works....

Today we have...
GERMAN HUMAN TETRIS! Vs. Lenard Nemoy's Folk Rock Epic "the ballad of Bilbo Baggins"!
Be sure you vote for which video is more amazing, and props to Karl my brother for showing me these.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tweed, the new black?

So I've been trying to find a black 3-piece suit on the internet and came across this really cool website where you can order custom made tweed suits from England! You pick what kind of tweed you want, and your size, then all the bespoke (customizations) you want, and they make it and mail it to you! So if anyone is doing early Christmas shopping I'm a 38 Long...

My Phone: broken or just playing a trick on me?

So sometime last winter I did something (I have no clue what) that upset the cell phone gods and have sense been cursed with "my-phone-breaks-all-the-time-itis". It's true. Last winter my beauty of a camera phone decided it was time to give up the ghost and died... it was a very sad day.
Then my friend Sam graciously let me borrow his old phone... which also died on me a short time later.
Then my brother Mark mailed me his old phone (conveniently the same model Sam had) which served me well until I moved out to Manhattan and then died... cutting me off from all contact with the out side world.
So I bought a new (used) phone on ebay. I didn't even have time to learn how to turn up the volume on the ear piece before it too went the way of the Buffalo. This has all happened to me in the course of 3 months now. So My good friend Melissa mails me her old phone. It works great until it dies.
Then my mom mails me my Dad's old phone... side note: my family got a 4 phone family plan, but my Dad never learned how to turn his phone on, so it sat on the shelf for over a year. And that's the phone I've been rocking for the last 5+ months. It's served me well. And I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered passing it on to one of my sons when they were of age... but that's never going to happen now because on Sunday it died too. Not fully dead. More like it's dying of old age, so for now it's just crippled and almost useless... It works great as an alarm clock, and the screen is bright as ever... but for me to be able to hear anything I have to hold the flip portion of the phone at a very certain acute angle (see picture). So just like an old grandpa that can't hear too good, I have to ask people to repeat stuff a lot, and shout loudly to be heard myself. Soon it will start forgetting peoples names and be a danger on the roads.
*** Update***
The sceen on my phone is no shattered, but I can still recieve calls!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Engagement Pic...

This is me and Jessica's Engagement picture... we just mailed out some (not all) of our invites today... so be excited. Our friend Carolee took this picture of us with a holga, and then did a little remixing to it.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


When are we finally going to make the jump from dollars, or yen, or pesos, to credits! I think the world is ready for it. Just think you could buy this land speeder for like 1500 credits! can you believe that only 1500 creds! Only one five zero zero credsticks! I can't wait for the future.