Sunday, May 13, 2012

Penny's 3!!!

 I can't believe my girl is 3!!! She is such a sweet, funny, intelligent girl and I couldn't love her more. She is the joy of my life and I thank Heavenly Father for her every day. We celebrated with a balloon party because Penny is obsessed! (What 3 yr old isn't? But Penny especially so...)

 I had to improvise with the cake stand (upside down coke cup on a plate...)

 I loved these candy tubes I found online but I have to say they were the biggest hassle, spilling those tiny circle candies on the floor every 10 minutes.
 The place was packed with balloons, there were more on the floor.

 Dave was our creepy, five-o-clock shadow balloon animal guy. They were a huge hit.

 This face sums Penny up:

 Her best bud, Eliza.

 They were tuckered out after the party (it must have been tough decorating, baking a cake, making lunch, and cleaning the house. Oh wait, that was me.)
 Little Crew slept like a champ through the whole event, bless him.


  1. That's a cute kid. That picture of her holding the cupcake is killing me. It's funny how now that I have a baby, I'm waaaay more interested in other people's kids. It's like someone opened up this floodgate of sentiment in me.

    I'm excited to give my own daughters birthday parties like this. Good job, Jess and Dave. Virtual high fives.

    1. True that. Well, I've always been interested in babies but I know what you mean.

      P.S. I die over your text conversations with Edie.

    2. Well, thank you. Edie is a real sass.

      Hey, guess what? We're moving to Boston. Yep. Get ready for it.

  2. I'm James, and I lub wittle babies! Waaaaah!
    High fives negate blog-stalking a toddler's balloon party, right?

    I in no way read or appreciated this blog.
    And I don't miss Jess and Dave, nor do I wish I could meet her kids.
    And Kathleen and I are not finally pregnant.

    But seriously, James is a big baby.

    1. What!? Yeaaah! I'm so happy you guys are not finally pregnant! You're going to look great in maternity pants.

      We don't miss you guys either. At all.

    2. I'm flying to the west coast just to punch Jesse in his mouth and show him that my pent up rage is a match for whatever fisticuffs he learned in England. English boxing. Pshaw.

      I hope when their kid is born it hates them and asks someone to kidnap it.

  3. SO CUTE!!! Penny is adorable and so is Crew. I love the balloon animal guy- it makes every party better! Good keep it up.Love ya, Sara

  4. Jillian just looked at these pics and said, " I want to go to her party, can I please go to her party?"

    1. Haha aw! We wish she couldve been here!

  5. WHAT?! How'd she get to be 3 already? I feel like you guys were just visiting Seattle with your adorable Penny pregnant belly and now she's 3 and you have a son too. Happy Birthday, Penny! It looks like her party was awesome.