Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Broadbent Nuptials

Yesterday Dave's sister Kaity got married in the Oakland Temple! The ceremony was so great and the gorgeous garden reception was the icing on the cake, or the whipped cream on the pie as the case was at Kaity and Alan's reception. In lieu of a cake they had a pie bar with about 30 pies. I seriously could not get over these beautiful flower arrangements:
In between the ceremony and the reception the wedding party and family went to Fenton's for some lunch and ice cream. Outside there were a bunch of puppies to play with. Penny was lovin this little guy sitting on her lap. Only the lure of ice cream could pull her away.
Exchanging pie above, and Penny below looking adorable.
Her cute little J. Crew dress was covered in strawberry juice and chocolate by the end of the night, *tear*, like mother like daughter.

Congratulations Kaity and Alan Broadbent! We love you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

White Mountain High

We went camping in the White Mountains in New Hampshire ( the #1 freeest state in the Union according to a recent study, Mass was 47th) and it was tons of fun. It was actually our first time camping with Penny and she was a champ. We went with our friends the Leymasters and the Evans, but all the moms and kids drove up in the morning cause we didn't want to wait for the guys to get off work. We did an awesome job of setting up the tents, but when it came to starting the fire we were significantly less impressive. After about four hours of trying to start a fire we were really glad to see the guys pull up. Dave started a fire in about 10 minutes.

We did an awesome hike called "The Flume" which was a hike up through a beeautiful mossy gorge. The whole area reminded me of Yosemite with smaller, less coniferous trees.
Camping success. We will definitely be going again soon. Dave and I are climbing Mt. Shasta in a couple of days so hopefully I survive long enough to blog about it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bikes, Buddies and Sore Bums

Dave got me this sweet cruiser for Mother's Day and I have been getting lots of use out of it. Yesterday we got overly ambitious and decided to ride from a park in Brighton all the way down to Boston Common to meet Dave for lunch. Well, I was going to try to impress my 2 readers with the exact mileage of the ride but I just checked on google maps and it turns out we weren't that ambitious after all. It was only about an 11 mile round trip (I was guessing 40...). But hey! It was tough! Today we went to playgroup at a park near our house and had some fun with the iphone.

Penny and cute curly-haired Evelyn played on the slide. And I got to spend some time with my sweet friend Sara, who is sadly moving to Conneticut :(
Diane and Sophie ("Fifi" as Penny calls her). She and her husband Mike are good friends of ours and Diane is my lifesaver! She is always there to help me out.

He Did It!!

Woot woot! Dave graduated two Sundays ago and it was such a great day! The ceremony was great, Penny and I sat through the walking ceremoney but skipped out on most of the University commencement, but Dave's mom was there to support him and hear Yoyoma(sp?) play.

Dave's mom came out for the week and we had so much fun with Grandma Pat here. We headed out to Newport RI to see The Breakers, the Vanderbilt mansion. It was beautiful and I am KICKING myself that we didn't go there when my sisters were here. Penny really loves Grandma Pat, she was such a good girl while we drug her all over Boston. Maybe that had something to do with all of grandma's tech devices...