Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dave's Present

This is the wall hanging I made for dave for his birthday. It's about 4 feet by 2 feet and I think it looks pretty sweet.
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This post is six posts long.

I uploaded the wrong videos in the last post soooooo here are the better ones. So feel free not to watch the videos in the next post unless you're REALLY into whale videos. You know who you are.

Whale of a tail

The whale did this for like 5+ min. The Captain said he did it to tell other whales to go away from him and his friend. But Jessica and I think he was telling the boat to go away. And some old grandma next to Jessica thinks that it's because him and the other whale were homosexuals. Oh the mysteries of whales.

During the very begining of the whale watching time (not on video), a whale poped up RIGHT next to us, even closer to than the one in this video, and it scared the crap out of everyone. Jessica and Penny were right next to the blow hole.

Whale Watching = Awesome

So I found a steal of a deal on whale watching tickets online ($20 as opposed to $45 each), so when frugality and coolness combine, romance happens. So I suprised Jessica with a little going away trip since she'll being going to Southern California next week. I was imagining seeing a few whales far off in the distance, but it was way cooler than we were expecting. The whales were super close, and there were like 20 of them. Humpbacks. Penny was a little grumpy and the 4 hour trip was actually more like 6. Pictures don't so it justice, so I'm going to post some videos, right now...

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Penny's super cute...

I don't think these pictures need a lot of explaining. Penny's shirt in the last pic says it all. Also cute but less apparant in these pictures is Penny's room, which Jessica did a bang up job decorating. Everyone is a big fan of the green "grass" rug. And thanks Kendra for the cute bow.

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Random from summer

So this summer a lot of super fun stuff happened. Jessica and Penny had a really fun trip to Yellowstone with the Nieman Clan. I think the look on Penny's face accurately expresses the amount of fun had on this trip.
Then we had a really fun 4th of July in downtown Boston. There were like 700,000 people there or more (no joke), and we were literally running across Boston at 11:30 to catch the train home with a baby and our friends the Rose's, one of which (Diane) was and is very pregnant. It was a fun and memorable night.

And we went to the beach a lot. Wingersheek beach north of Boston is out favorite. So pretty, it looks like a tropical island... except that the water is a lot colder.

2 more Whale pics