Sunday, February 14, 2010

Penny's on the move...

Well a picture's worth a thousand words, and a video is made up out of thousands of pictures... anyways, Penny has been pretty 'mobile' for a while, but has been so interested in standing and trying to walk that we thought she might skip crawling, but she's stepped up her game and now instead of flailing around on the ground until she gets somewhere she's crawling!

Here are some other random pictures... some of which are pretty old.

Here's Jessica and Kaity doing what they do over Christmas break, you're welcome.

And this is our awesome new Joovy Kooper stroller, Jess did a lot of research on strollers and found a good deal on this online, and we love it, and Penny loves it too. I like to imagine that for babies going to the mall is the equivalent of cruising down town in your car, looking cool and checking people out, and this stroller is the equivalent of a cool red convertible for Penny.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Growing Girl.

Penny is sleeping. through. the night. I am so glad.

She is doing so much for her small 8 months. She is getting ready to take her first steps it seems. She LOVES to walk around the house with us guiding her by the hands.

She loves to stand as long as she is holding herself up against something (usually the couch, although she's had a few tumbles).

Today she started fake handing me her toys just to watch me try and steal them from her kung fu grip (impossible). I'd say "Give me your toy" and put my hand out, and she'd place the toy in my hand and not let go, and laugh as I tried to take it away.

She is the joy of our lives, and the favorite part of our days... of course not having her at midnight, and four am, and six am is also the favorite part of my nights...