Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Common Sense

Last night I finished Glenn Beck's Common Sense, and Thomas Paine's, which is included in the back. Here are some quotes from Thomas Paine that I thought I'd share:

"A long time of not thinking a thing wrong gives it the superficial appearance of being right."

Oh, the list of things in our world today that this applies to...

"Time makes more converts than reason."

"Government, like dress, is the badge of lost innocence."

Fig leaves...

"I draw my idea of the form of government from a principle in nature which no art can overturn,viz, that the more simple anything is, the less liable it is to be disordered."

So unless there's only one word in 72 pt. font on each page, 1,000 page bills don't qualify.

Sorry to wax political on you, but I really think it is important to remember that our founding fathers didn't just sit around while their government abused them, they made their voice heard. I am proud of the many people in our country who are making their voices heard and encourage you to find out who your congressman is and voice your concerns when they arise. This is a great country, and we have the opportunity to keep it that way.

So maybe this is the longest book recommendation ever. Common Sense. Read it.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Don't Leave!

I changed our blog. I just like these colors better, but I'm not very good with computers so I know it doesn't look very great yet. Just consider this page "under construction", but also "open during contrucion".

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pretty Penny, Lucky Penny, A Penny For Your Thoughts...




I've been trying hard to get video of Penny talking and singing like a madwoman but everytime I put a camera in front of her face she gets baffled by technology and goes speechless (one thing we already have in common). We have managed to get some more cute pictures though! She can hold her head up really good now, an exciting new development.

Also I think Penny might be part mermaid. She loves being in the water and really wails when you take her out. Come to think of it, when you take her out she sounds a lot like Daryl Hannah speaking mermish in Splash...Penny the 1/2 mermaid. Maybe that will give her a leg up when applying to colleges. Oh you're one eighth cherokee? Im one half mermaid.