Thursday, May 29, 2008


This is crazy. They put electrodes in the monkey's brain and connected it to a robotic arm, and the monkey learned how to use it like it's his own! But I wonder, would a robotic arm be a help or a hindrance when swinging from trees? Probably a hindrance, unless it were talking about a go-go-gadget arm. But then you'd have to worry about Dr. Claw...
Click HERE for the story.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So I'm a big fan of lists...lists of things... favorite things.... least favorite things.... etc... So this is the first in series of Top 5's that should keep me busy for a while. Today's "Top 5" is.... Top 5: THINGS DAVE NEEDS TO BLOG ABOUT!

1) Getting married. - I'm married. The best comparison I've come up with is it's like life before / after cell phones. Only imagine that you're cell phone washes your cloths and makes good food and rubs your back. Yup. It's awesome.

2) Me and Jessica's apartment - We live in an attic free of right angles. Seriously. But even though it's wrong, it feels so right.

3) Iron Man - So awesome Jessica and I snuck into see it twice (it was cheap movie night at the nice theater, but you have to see a crappy movie). If theirs one thing Iron Man has taught me, it's that you can live your whole life in a selfish-drunken-stupor and still be a hero if you can kill bad guys and look awesome doing it.

4) 13 lbs - the weight I've gained since getting married

5) Moab - 4 days with Jess, Eric and Jamie Forsyth and my sister Kaity + 4-wheeling + mountain biking + hiking and checking out cool arches + lots of yummy food and ice cream = totally awesome

ps. I also really like "...'s" apparently