Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter can be fun.

It contains my birthday, which is a great thing about winter, and that was lots of fun. Dave bought me rock climbing gear and in the morning we went rock climbing. Then in the afternoon we went into the city to see Toy Story on Ice (which unfortunately we only have one [non-digital] picture of, the 18 dollar one that Disney lured us in to). Then at night we had a sitter and went back into the city to eat dinner and see Interpol at the House of Blues. It was an awesome birthday. Thanks Dave!

Then on Pres Day Dave went cross-country skiing at a ski track near our house and reported back that there were actually lots of people out pulling kids behind them in Pulks. Dave and I have been wanting to go cross-country skiing in Vermont so I thought I'd try taking Penny out for a test run... Everything was going great until it came time for her to get in the pulk. She screamed and kicked and twisted and I almost gave up when another mother came by and suggested we just stuff her in there and zip it up and maybe she'd enjoy it once I got going. We did, and after about 30 seconds she stopped crying and resigned herself to her situation. After about 2 minutes she fell asleep leaving me to ski freely for an hour. Then when she woke up she was super happy and wanted to keep skiing.

So it sounds like we've been having lots of fun, and we have, but the rest of the time we just play in our apartment waiting for the snow to melt...please melt.
Here's lots of pics to make up for the recent dearth.
Playing at the park on a nice winter's day.Me, looking rough on the ski track.P, enjoying her snooze in the pulk.And her wake-up...
Penny being cute above, and totally done with pictures below.
If there's something vaguely familiar about the washed out quality of the pictures, they were all taken with a disposable camera. Im digitally regressing.