Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is what I have to live with...

Lucky me. We just got a new (used) Flip Video for our upcoming trip (more to come on that later) and wanted to test it out on Penny. While it doesn't fully capture all of Penny's cuteness it gets pretty close. Good job Flip Video.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 minutes and 55 seconds in Heaven

I finally made a little Penny slide show. She is the joy of our lives, and we can't believe how quickly it is going by. So cute.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween! Party time! Excellent!

Halloween was the best we've had in years. It was so fun to dress Penny up and take her trick-or-treating. She'd walk from house to house (or car to car), hold up her pumpkin bucket and say "tweat". She especially loved the houses where it was fend for yourself candy. She'd dig around in the bowl, looking like she was going to come up with handfuls of candy, then settle on only one and drop it back in the bowl. So adorable. For trunk-or-treat on Saturday Dave and I were that classic duo Tina Turner and Jim Morrison.
Lots of people said I had a great wig. I didn't. I just have really crappy hair. Then on Halloween we went up to Beacon Hill and went trick or treating with our good friends (who are moving this week--sooo sad) the Jackmans and their baby Noah.

Penny was a mini-celebrity and had to take the escalator to escpae the papparazzi. *

We took the T (boston subway) home and my friend Bethany snapped a pic of this mural from the station. I just thought it was cool.Me and P on the mean streets of Beacon Hill, that guy in the background is not dressed up as a sexy cop, I made the same mistake, he's a real cop.
I can't wait until next year! I already know what we're going to be if we have another kid by then. If we don't, then its back to the drawing board.

*For those of you thinking I was the worst mother ever, this escalator was out of order, aka, temporarily stairs.

Penny's Shrug

My mother-in-law knitted this adorable pink shrug for Penny! Unfortunately its too small for us to share otherwise I'd be stealing it...