Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Joy

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Seriously. I know everyone loves Christmas and it is everyone's favorite holiday, but I love Christmas. Very few things in life make me happier than the Christmas season. Family. The Gospel. That's it. (Disneyland is a very close fourth).

To start the season off right we went to a tree farm today to get our FIRST REAL TREE AS A FAMILY! It was so exciting. The weather was beautiful. President Clark did not tell the truth when he said Boston winters were worse than Rexburg winters. Today was sunny and about 60 degrees. Perhaps I speak to soon...We found the perfect sized tree for our little apartment. Penny digs it. We all do. The apartment smells like pine and sounds like Christmas (I have holiday tunes playing 12/7). It is so exciting to see our presents starting to surround the tree! And although I do have to work on Christmas day, we fly out Christmas night and can't wait to see family. But for now we are all enjoying our little holiday haven.