Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Too frustrated about how long it took just to get these pictures spaced out correctly (not to mention the incorrect order) to blog about how awesome our Easter was this year. I'll come back and edit this later. For now just enjoy the pictures. I will say how grateful I am for the atonement and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and though that wasn't captured in these pics, it is definitely the best part about Easter.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


The video on American Express Travel's site of Dave and my trip to Venice and Barcelona. Forgive the rap, I hope it is apparent that I was genuinely embarrassed. We had SO MUCH FUN! Thanks AmEx travel and Crispin Porter.

Picture Blog

Penny got out of the bath and demanded to wear these shoes, and this skirt, no shirt. Then she walked to the front door and said "ok, go go." She learned to pick her nose.
I made some bows, thanks Jamie.
I painted a table for Penny's room.
The chair has since been painted pink.
Waking up from a nap.